Drinks Menu Example



We offer premium bottled beers from Peroni, Stella artois, Budweiser, Corona & San Miguel  as well a selection of craft beer but can customise to people budgets

Wines & Prosecco

We offer fine tasty red white and rose wines as well as a selection of  Prosecco also rose preimum well know brands 


We offer well know high branded champagne 

from Moét & Chandon, Lanson

Seasonal drinks

We also offer Pimms and ciders for those summer days as well as mulled wine and Bailey hot chocolates and gingerbread latte for the winter holidays 

Gin’s & Cocktail’s

We offer well known brand gins from Gordon’s, Blooms, Whitley Neill and many more diffrent flavors parma voilets pink gin and many more.....

Cocktails from the classic’s Pina calarda Motito and many more 

Example Menu's


Jacket potatoes

We offer Jacket potatoes, & Sweet potatoes 

Fillings with a twist

Spicy bean and cheese

Vegan chickpea Curry

Chilli Beef and sour Cream

and also the British favourite 

Tuna sweetcorn Spring onion & cheese 

Chinese chicken Curry

Cheese & Baked Beans 


Chicken  pepperoni & Parmesan

Mozzarella Fresh tomatoes and Basil

Chicken Pesto & mozzarella 

Chesse Ham & Spinach

Tuna & Cheese Melt

Chicken Bacon & cheese

Crazy Milkshakes

Salted Caramel Pretzel

Cherry Vanilla

Stawberry cupcake

Banana cream pie

Oreo Cookies and cream

Due to space we offer a large range of products  but we do limit how many items we serve in each event we offer 2 items